Message By the Head of the Department

Dr. Meeta Sharma

The Department of Political Science, established in 2018, aims to carry forward the legacy of academic excellence of St. Xavier’s College. Incorporating a strong interdisciplinary emphasis in the structure and design of its prescribed syllabi, the Honors programme fosters a systematic and scientific understanding of political systems, policy making, government procedures and theories and practices of international politics. Besides regular classroom teaching, home assignments, tutorials, seminars, term papers and class presentations, the department engages in organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, group discussions and guest lectures to augur the expansion of knowledge horizons and equip the students for fruitful careers and leadership roles. The students are also exposed to the prospects of pursuing careers in civil services, higher education and research, journalism, law and governance at the national and international level.

The department organises three days annual academic festival called ‘Exordium: A Political Discourse’ in which students get opportunities to participate in various competitions. The students also get the opportunity to publish their articles and research papers related to variety of subjects relevant to political science in particular and social sciences in general in the annual department magazine 'JANMAT'.